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Bnei Heichala Platter

B'nei heichala dichsifin l'mechezei ziv d'z'eir anpin.

Yahon hacha b'hai taka d'vei malka b'gilufin.


"The children of the palace yearn to see the splendor of the microcosmic mirror.

They are gathered here, at this table, in which the King is engraved."


These are the first two lines of a medieval Aramaic mystical poem attributed to Isaac Luria, the Holy Ari.  Bnei Heichala - The Children of the Palace, is chanted at Seudah Shlishit or Shalosh Seudos - the third Sabbath meal that begins in the late afternoon as the sun is setting or just before the sun sets and continues until the stars are visible in the sky and the beginning of Havdalah, the closing ritual of the Sabbath.  It is a way to push the boundaries of the sacred to their outermost edge.  This holy moment within the timeless is the hour of Ra'avah (Resh Alef Vav Hei) - seeing deeply into the dimensions of time and space. The Zohar hails it as not just Ra'avah but Ra'avah D'Ra'avah - a time of seeing to the depths. 

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Acid etched antique (late 1800's from estate sale) copper platter with wooden handles. Green oxide and  removable clear glass plate so platter can be used and the glass plate removed, cleaned, and replaced

14.5" diameter copper platter, 16.25" handle to handle, 13" diameter clear glass plate


Bnei Heichala Platter.jpg
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