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Call  and Response

She, who sits in the gardens

Friends hearken to Your voice

Enable me to hear You

Song of Songs 8:13

Though subtle and difficult to capture in photographs, the intricate arabesque patterns are inked in colors that reflect the four worlds of the mystical Hebraic tradition. The world of Asiah, the very busy, verdant outer world, is outlined in sanguine ink. The inside is filled with phithalo blue overlaid with leaf green. The next inner world of Yetzirah received phithalo blue alone.


The world of Briah in the center is saturated in sanguine and surrounded by points of light that encircling the center. The flow of worlds are all embedded in the world of Atzilut, the copper spaciousness.



Acid etched copper with colored oxides, framed in mahogany



Call & Reponse natural light.jpg
call HaYoshevet detail.jpg
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