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Light Heart Ascending

Egyptian mythology speaks of a divine scale within the Halls of Ma'at where the heart of one deceased was placed on one side while the other side was placed an ostrich feather to determine the worthiness of the particular soul was worthy to enter the afterlife. 
I was given a very similar image, though it was clear that in place of an ostrich feather I was to use the feather of a peacock - symbolic of heightened life rather than death.   Balance, immortality and universal energy toward harmony and increased frequency is held within the symbolic language of the peacock's feather.  The heart  is both light-hearted but also lit .  The entire scale is floating upward towards the mountain peaks.  It was clear that the mountains I was to use are those that I view every day from my bedroom window in the winter and from my garden the rest of the year.  They are the mountains that guide me home when I leave.  Perhaps their symbolism here somehow refers to home.

Flamed acid etched copper with repousse, engraving, surface drilling, colored wax and oxides. Framed in roughsawn local red fir infused with pinon pine resin extract from the trees that surround my garden.

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