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Dynamic Intervention

The seed for Dynamic Intervention was planted during an investigation into the divine feminine archetype known as Aditi - the power underlying temporal reality and the primordial energy that powers the universe.

In the Vedic tradition, Aditi ("limitless") is mother of the gods and all twelve zodiacal spirits from whose cosmic matrix the heavenly bodies were born. As celestial mother of every existing form and being, the synthesis of all things, she is associated with space and with mystic speech.

That reference to 12 caught me immediately as the thread I was to follow and that you can see expressed in this copperwork as the theme of 12 around 1 in various iterations. In the centermost, inner half circle, twelve sets of three hands spin clockwise around a nucleus. In the next expansion, three sets of four large mudra-like hands rotate in the counter-clockwise direction. In the final, outermost half circle, once again twelve sets of three hands spin clockwise, each encircled by a ten part DNA helix circle - an evolutionary innovation, it would seem, has occurred to the original form closest to the Aditi Source. As Dynamic Intervention is in a half circle form, it seems to me as if it is only half the story, or perhaps just the visible part of a whole.

More on Dynamic Intervention on my Art Song Garden blogspot.e


Acid-etched copper with fretwork backed in amber mica, engraving, natural forming patina with outlining oxides. Constructed in two joined parts. Fir backing, the thickness of which has been glazed with copper oxide along the inside arch and outside perimeter where the 1.5" wood thickness creates exposed surfaces.

16.3” x 29” x 1.5”


Dynamic Intervention.jpg
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