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Toward a Higher Fidelity -

 Human Holiness

A Burning Bush/Tree of Life finds the fire and bush dancing together without either partner being consumed or extinguished.


Within the flaming bush is a 3-petalled flower with the Hebrew letters cHet, Yud, Alef - a 3-lettered form resonant with “Life.” They stand for the Hebrew words cHupa, YecHida & Umanut: "Marriage Canopy," "Unicity" (the most developed aspect of soul) & "Craftsmanship" (from the same root as emet - “truth”, emuna - “absolute trust” & amen -

“it is so”).


The tree root contains the words ha'mishalishim b’shalosh - "the One who triplicates in 3's." The cup holds the word kiddushin - the Aramaic feminine plural word meaning "marriage." The palmate form above contains the letter Shin, a fire letter formed by 3 flames and resonates to the numeric value of 300 in gematria. Perhaps it refers to what David Whyte, in his book The Three Marriages calls “the marriage of marriages” - a still higher octave of integrated human potential reached when one has unified, without compromise, the full expression of each of the three aspects of personal, holy unfoldment.

Etched, engraved, inked and cut copper backed in diamond plate aluminum; mounted on mahogany.



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