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Light Heart Ascending

In contrast to the scales used by the Egyptian Goddess Ma'at to test the lightness of the soul of the deceased, weighing it against an ostrich feather, I was instructed to use a peacock feather and have the entire scale float up towards the mountain peaks.  

In symbolic language, the peacock's feather holds the meaning of immortality, heightened life, universal energy, balance, increased frequency. This heart is not only "light-hearted" but also "lit".  Together with the feather it ascends. 

The scales float up toward the Crestone mountain peaks that are the backdrop to my garden and  home and guide me home when I am away. 
The 2nd image of the mountains below was taken at an oblique angle from the left in the relative dark (viewed from my chair at the kitchen table).  Strangely, the mountains illuminate completely only from such an angle. Looking directly on - they are barely visible. The main image here was taken from a position several feet to the right and then cropped.  

Flamed acid-etched copper with repousse, engraving, surface drilling, colored wax, colored oxides. Framed in local roughsawn red fir infused with pinon pin resin from the trees surrounding my garden.

Light Heart mountains oblique.jpg
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