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Reflection & Passage
Through the Thinning Door

This is the doorway between the worlds. The door is thinner than we imagine. There are many ways through. The Hebrew word  kaneis - “enter,”  is carved out of the center of rectangular part of the door’s top quadrant.


The fan  of the top arch contains the Hebrew words tsitsit - sparks in the form of threads that fringe a prayer shawl,  and karov mikol karov - “closer than anything near” - one of the Names for the Eternal. The entire top arch extends forward.


There are four tsitsit extending from openings in the door. These are threads of techeilet - blue dye from the blood of a shell fish that emerges every 70 years from the Mediterranean. They are among the sparks that can lead one's way back through the door.


Seven keyholes are cut through each side of the door. It appears that there are many personalized options for entrance.


A two way mirror is visible through the openings, which at first only appear to be only reflective, but the closer one approachs, the more the translucence of the other side is revealed. 


Acid etched copper with cutwork and enamels; 4 techelet tsisit; copper rivets; 2-way acrylic mirror. Framed in mahogany.



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