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Toward a Higher Fidelity


Yechida - Unicity

The Hebraic mystical literature describes a 5th level of human soul development where a human soul begins to merge with its Divine Source. That level is called yechida or “Unicity.” Unicity calls upon each individual to look in the mirror, recognize and align with a Higher Fidelity by taking responsibility for the unfoldment of their own Intrinsic Divinity and the seeding of life with that unique Divine Essence.


Unicity is expressed as a twelvefold form around one, the central “one” is an eternal flame - our pilot light. Each element of the unfolding geometry is a jewel in the making.


The mirror encased in the palmate form at the top makes this illumination a self-portrait for anyone to see their true essence and the worthiness of committing to its unfoldment.

After completing this work I was presented with this remarkably resonate excerpt from Sri Aurobindo’s Canto III Book 1 of The Yoga of the Soul’s Release:


... All here must learn to obey a higher law,

Our body’s cells must hold the Immortal’s flame.

Else would the spirit reach alone its source

Leaving a half-saved world to its dubious fate.

Nature would ever labour unredeemed;

Our Earth would ever spin unhelped in Space

and this immense creation’s purpose fail

Till at last the frustrate universe sank undone.



Etched and fretworked copper, ruby cut glass star plate, mirror, tiles, oxides. Framed in tiled fir.

20"x 20.5"


Singularity angled.jpg
singularity large closeup.jpg
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