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Telling of the Bees

Divora is the word for bee in Hebrew.  Both the word for bee - divora, and the word for Holy of Holies - divir, derive from the same root verb Dalet Bet Resh, concepts abuzz with "communication".


In medieval Europe, bees were considered to have a special intelligence regarding the mysterious unfolding of the universe.  They were revered as messengers between the Divine realm and our own.  Celtic mythology has held that since bees were the link between our world and the spirit world, if you wanted anyone to stay informed who had passed over, you could tell the bees and they would pass along the information.  To this day there are bee keepers who still practice the old Celtic custom of "Telling the Bees".  Important events are told to the bees such as marriages, births and deaths. 


In Telling of the Bees, the other side of that equation is represented.  Here a confluence is taking place between 5 angels and a bee regarding life on Earth.   

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ading 4

Acid etched copper and fretwork backed in amber mica. Iridescent Vitrail enamel outlining wings. Framed with Oregon Madrone.

24.5" x 22.75"


Telling of Bees.jpg
Telling bee detail.jpg
Telling wings detail.jpg
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