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True North

True North is a function of one's internal, authentic compass. Here, the ground of being begins at the Earth's heartbeat, the Schumann resonance. From there, it  orients northward, through the heart of being (the beating heart) and from there towards the Galactic Center and beyond.  

The Hebrew root letters within the compass, tzadi pei nun, create words such as "north," "compass," "conscience" and "something hidden."  The four branched shin at the top, beyond the galactic center, is called Ha Ot - the eternal letter, the found sound,  which will reveal and illuminate personal and cosmic healing and transformation and represents the ambient holiness in all space and time.

Acid-etched copper, ink oxides and fretwork backed in Van Gogh art glass with mirror effect, mounted on 3/4" pine stained with Rifuah flower essence infused Seitz-Kreuznach ink.

15.75"x 30.5"   

(True North prefers to be photographed at a slight angle - charming really).


TrueNorth angle.jpg
True North star detail.jpg
True North centermost detail.jpg
True North earth heartbeat.jpg
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