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Toward a Higher Fidelity



UMANUT explores the depth of commitment to one’s work in the world. Umanut is a Hebrew word which carries the meanings: “art/skill/craftsmanship,” all deriving from the root word for Truth.


The words etched into the 3 circles are from Jallaladin Rumi. They speak to manifesting in the world by means of one’s Divine Nature as opposed to the ego. They also suggest the fidelity required to distill inspiration into form.


Looking deeply into the hamsa - the central lute rose sound box opening, one can glimpse a self-reflection from a green mirror. The two smaller lute rose sound boxes are formed by the Arabic word baraka - the power and blessing contained within a piece of work by virtue of the intention of it’s maker.


Etched, engraved, inked and cut copper backed in green acrylic mirror; mounted on mahogany.



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