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Venus Infusion

Compassion with Power   Might with Wisdom   Light with Inspiration


Venus Infusion expresses the transformation of the “lifeforce”  by fueling the archetypal feminine influences of communication and community, returning the work/worship to the spoken word. The Venusian orbit forms a pentagram star, as seen in the center and expressed within the inner orbit that explodes from that center – infusing Power with Compassion, Might with Wisdom and Light with Inspiration.


More about 6:


Dr. Sondra Barrett, biologist, microscoper and author of Secrets of Your Cells gave an interview in which she described a hexagon as the first sign of life found under a microscope.


Six is the water molecule – fluidity, fluency

Six is the hexagonal form of the honeycomb. The bee’s waggle dance points towards the flower source that leads to the production of bee pollen and honey – delectable nurturance and the sustainability of the community. The Hebrew word for “bee” is d’vorah, from the root DVR – “word/communication”.


Six relates to the conjunction symbols that reside within the outer orbit of forms: the alchemical symbol for conjunction; the Hebrew vav and the Arabic waw – both of which equate to the number 6 and express the conjunction “and”.


Acid etched copper with engraved pentagram star. Framed  in mahogany, backed with clear crackle acrylic that illuminates when light is focused from the front.

21.5" x 21.5"


Venus central detail.jpg
Venus detail desktop.jpg
Venus 002 desktop.jpg
Venus bee detail.jpg
Venus Infusion.jpg
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